Exposing the worst offenders of environmental damage

New Construction Homes and Preventing Future Environmental Damage

There are many different ways environmental damage can happen, and it is critical that when companies or individuals act with a blatant disregard to the environment or the local areas around them that they’re held accountable for their actions. With the recent events in Flint, it’s important to know where environmental impact begins, in new construction homes for instance. Laws, punishments, and situations will vary on a case by case basis, but that doesn’t change the fact that exposing the worst offenders of environmental damage is often going to first fall on individuals keeping an open eye out for any local wrongdoing and making sure to continue making noise until the media and others notice.

While it would be ideal in the eyes of many for the EPA and local law enforcement to have more power and reach, the truth is that in their current setting this isn’t likely to be the case in all but the most extreme of situations. However, the far majority of people hate polluters. The court of public opinion can be incredibly powerful, especially locally. Getting the media stories out, spreading the word, and getting local reporters to the site to see what’s happening can have a powerful effect in exposing the worst environmental offenders out there.

Environmental Damage Impacts Local Businesses Too

I find that it’s very useful to go about exposing the worst offenders of environmental damage. I belong to a local eco-advocacy group, and we have certainly changed our tactics lately.

We still do the usual things you would expect, like showing up at city hall meetings and petitioning for recycling, and telling people about buying their own grocery bags or using solar panels. We run workshops on composting and plant trees. And yes, we hug them for photos as a joke. One of the local lawn care companies (http://worryfreelawnmn.com) spoke about the impact that environmental damage has had on his business.

All those discussions have some effect, but nowhere near enough.

That’s why we started targeting particular companies and government departments we suspected of not following local environmental laws and best practices. We covertly gather as much information as we can on them, and then we expose them online.

In many cases, the company leadership doesn’t know what’s going on, and they take prompt corrective actions. In other cases, they just don’t care immediately, calling us a disruptive little hate group or something.

But then the consumers turn on them, their stock prices fall, and their profits follow the downward turn. Then they clean up their act. Exposing the worst offenders of environmental damage sends a message to everyone in town to clean up their act.

Exposing Companies That Harm The Environment

There are many companies out there who commit moral crimes that result in serious harm to the environment. Since people have no idea who the offenders are, they do business with them without giving it too much thought. This is a shame since it means that the public is helping finance the people that are making the world a terrible place to live in. It is time that someone takes a stand and makes sure that these companies are made to take responsibility for all of the problems that they are causing.

Everyone out there that knows of companies who harm the environment should open their mouths and let everyone know. This will stop people from handing over their hard-earned dollars to those who do not deserve it. There are so many illnesses and other problems that may be caused by the way that these companies are handling things. If you do not want to become a victim and you want to protect your loved ones and everyone else that is around you, it is time to take a stand. You may come across people who dislike what you are doing, but you will find many others who will appreciate it.

Hello and welcome!

Hello, and welcome to Environmental Bad Guys. My name is Tammy and I’m a college student at NAU. I’ve been seeing more and more damage to the environment over the years, and I want to do whatever I can to stop at, or at the very least, slow it down. This blog is about exposing the offenders of the environment, and hopefully it can make a difference in some small way.

As technology keeps advancing, so do the dangers to the environment. For years industrial companies have been polluting and damaging the earth, but they are a necessary evil. People want to live a comfortable life, which means these companies will continue to prosper. In this article the focus is going to be on the countries that rank incredibly high for ecological damage and danger. In other words, the article exposes the worst offenders of environmental damage/danger to ecology.


Starting with Indonesia, this is a country that had more than enough dense forests up till the 1950’s. In the last 60 years the density has decreased by 40 percent, something to be concerned about. In terms of forest lost, the country ranks second on the list. But it also ranks high for CO2 emissions and threatened species.


On the water pollution rank, China is at the top. It’s estimated that about 70 percent of their rivers, lakes and coastal line is polluted in some way or another. The worst part is that the pollution continues on a daily basis.

They also rank first when it comes to marine capture and second for CO2 emissions. When it comes down to it, China is one of the major players regarding pollution and ecological damage. In fact, it ranks third overall.

The United States

As the country that’s renowned for bringing forth world movements, the USA has some way to go when it comes to fighting ecological damage. Overall they rank in second place, but for CO2 emissions and fertilizer use they are at the top. They also rank high for marine capture, in addition to several other harmful activities.

Apparently the United States have no reservation for using very dangerous chemicals to protect food supplies, and these chemicals eventually make their way into the rivers and lakes.


Brazil is the country that ranks at the top of the list for worst offenders of environmental damage. Thanks to all the variables that come into play, including their high rankings for deforestation, threatened species and CO2 emissions, there is no doubt that Brazil proposes the biggest threat to the environment.

But in the end, everyone has their place in the cycle. People in general want to live according to a comfortable lifestyle, and it seems to entail breaking down the natural comforts. Even though big corporations are mostly to blame, it’s the masses who enable them.